Final Paper Submission

Final Paper Submission

Authors must submit their final version of camera-ready papers electronically in PDF format through the PaperPlaza system no later than May 10, 2023. Before submitting the final version, authors are expected to revise their paper taking into account the feedback from the reviewers and handling editors. Please follow the instructions given in your acceptance letter.

All final submissions will be included in the conference materials distributed to the conference participants (program, digest, and proceedings). However, only accepted regular papers will be archived in the UR 2023 IEEE Xplore conference proceedings.

At least one of the authors listed on the paper must be registered for the conference by May 10 online

Step-By-Step Guidelines To Submit Your Final Paper
Step 1

Prepare your final paper using the available LaTeX or Microsoft Word templates and following these paper preparation instructions. Make sure to submit electronically in A4 PDF format and do not change the formatting in any way

Step 2

Check that the names of all authors and their order is identical in the PaperPlaza submission system, the paper and one-page PowerPoint.

Step 3

Create a PDF version of your paper and perform the IEEE PDF compliance test. If your paper does not pass the test, you cannot continue and may read the PDF Test Help to revise the format of your paper until it passes the test.

Step 4

Prepare one PowerPoint slide (and only one) that summarizes your paper. You must only use the PowerPoint template available here.

Step 5

Update the final submission information (title, author list, number of pages, abstract, copyright (regular paper only)*) in PaperPlaza. To process the copyright transfer for regular paper, follow the "Copyright Transfer" link, and you will be taken to the IEEE copyright transfer site (IEEE eCP) in a new window. Follow the steps as described on IEEE eCP pages and make sure that the paper title and author list are correct before your perform the copyright transfer.