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If you would like to participate in the UR 2023 as a sponsor or exhibitor, please fill out the form below and send it to the UR 2023 Secretariat via email or fax. All sponsorship and exhibitor fees are non-refundable and must be paid in full by May 1, 2023.

Sponsor and Exhibitor Application Form Download (Eng) Sponsor and Exhibitor Application Form Download (Kor)

Sponsors and Exhibitors
Name Physionics Co., Ltd.
Website www.physionics.co.kr
Contact(Email) cylee@physionics.co.kr
O Established in October 2013, Physionics Co., Ltd. pursues its main business in the fields of Bluetooth DAQ modules, multi-channel force sensing modules, bio-signal measurement modules, and signal processing, providing solutions.

The company offers digital innovation solutions optimized for rapidly changing business environments and continues to strengthen its R&D investment for technological advancement as a technology company.

Name Korea Institute of Robotics & Technology Convergence (KIRO)
Website www.kiro.re.kr
Contact(Email) info@kiro.re.kr
KIRO is a leading R&D institute specializing in robotics and technology convergence under the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

We are preparing to become a global research institute specializing in robot convergence technology along with the prosperity of mankind by focusing more on research and development based on original technologies such as autonomous driving, manipulation, and artificial intelligence, focusing on strong areas such as underwater, disaster safety, construction/pipe, and agriculture.

Name Human-Robot Convergence Research Center at Chung-Ang University
Website hrcrc.cau.ac.krm
Contact(Email) goldgabba@cau.ac.kr
The Human-Robot Convergence Research Center at Chung-Ang University fosters the fields of robotics engineering and wearable devices as areas of specialization, in response to the era of complex and integrated technologies in the 21st century. It was established in 2020 to create next-generation integrated system technologies resulting from the convergence of these individual technological fields.

We are pursuing research to advance and transform unit technologies related to wearable robotics into an integrated technology called the ‘high-functioning intelligent wearable robot platform’. Also, we are performing various projects to secure core technologies in the key areas of intelligent robots (mechanical and robot structural design, functional materials, sensors and actuators, control, and artificial intelligence) to acquire world-class research capabilities.

In addition, in line with the trend of emphasizing the suitability of interaction between humans and robots, we are conducting pioneering research on various related technologies (sensing, control, actuation, functional materials, measurement and analysis of bio-signals, and human motion analysis) necessary for the advanced human-robot interaction.

Name Rainbow Robotics Inc.
Website www.rainbow-robotics.com
Contact(Email) rainbow@rainbow-robotics.com (+82-42-719-8070)
Rainbow Robotics is a robot platforms company founded by a group of experienced researchers at the KAIST Humanoid Robot Research Center (HUBO Lab). From the world’s best disaster response robots to cooperative robots (cobots) developed in-house and in Korea, Rainbow Robotics invests its energy and resources in commercializing robots by securing its own technology with relentless research and development, and by providing outstanding robots at reasonable prices.